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Wheel Alignment 


Blue Star Brothers of Glendale offers Dealer Level Tire Services, at discount prices.

Our Precision Wheel Alignment Service is done with Hunter’s Elite Smart Weight Touch Wheel Balancer, which allows our technicians to Balance your vehicle’s tires properly. Properly balanced tires help avoid steering wheel vibration at High Speeds and save gas with increased MPG. Whether you want to rotate your tires or choose and buy your next set of tires from us we give you the best quality service at the Best Price. Come in for a free consultation and inspection to find out which Set of Tires are right for your car. 

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Yes, We Fix Flats!

And our team provides expert customer service and mechanic repairs. 

We Handle All Insurance Claims.

Wheel Alignment

Tire Rotation

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitor System

High Speed Wheel Balance

Expert Suspension Service

Affordable Pricing

Glendale Auto Repair Services

We are known for expert service and attention to detail.

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Complete List of Services 


Blue Star Brothers Auto Repair Service Glendale Shop-Oil Change

Highest Quality Oil Change

Ensuring your vehicle is running at top performance.

Tires Repair & Replacements

New Tire Replacement, Mounting, and Balancing

Engine & Tune Ups

Come in for a free 9 point inspection and evaluation. Call Us Today!

Keep your vehicles engine running cool, AC Repair

A/C Service & Recharge

Get Ready For Summer, Test and Recharge your A/C. Ask about our Special Summer AC Service

Blue Star Auto Repair New York State Safety Inspection

New York State Inspection

We are an Official New York State Safety Inspection & Emission Standard Station.

Blue Star auto Repair Brakes and Rotors

Brake and Suspension Service

Complete Brake Repair Service and Inspection.

Blue Star Auto Repair Motor Experts

Engine Repair and Re-Builds

Our team of mechanical specialists are experts in all types of engine repairs.

Blue Star Auto Repair is no. 1 in Customer Care.

Customer Care Experts

Let our team of professionals in Customer Care help you today.

Transmission Experts

Transmission Services

We have a team of Transmission Experts with years of experience.

Blue Star Brothers Expert Windshield and Glass Service

Windshield and Glass Repair

Our team of specialists are experts in installation and repair of all windshields and glass

Blue Star Auto Repair Insurance

We Handle Insurance Claims

Blue Star Brothers, Inc. is insurance-approved and will process all your paperwork, and Insurance Claims.

Dedicated Fleet Maintenance & Services

Fleet Maintenance & Services

We provide reliable Fleet Services for local businesses and corporate accounts. 

Complete Service List

NYS Inspection

Multipoint Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We offer a service to check out the vehicle prior to purchasing a used vehicle.  Request any dealership to have the vehicle brought over to Blue Star Brothers, for a pre-purchase inspection


Ask about our Premium Brake Pad & Rotors Special!

Premium Brake Pad Replacement & Brake System Fluid, Service, & Repairs.

Wheel Alignment

Tire Rotation

Wheel Balance

Tires (We do New Tires Only)


Flat Fixed


Oil Change (Benefits of Full Synthetic Oil)

We use Mobil1 Full Synthetic

Royal Purple Performance Full Synthetic


Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Our facility is RepairPal Certified as well as ICAR, and our technicians not only pull codes from a computer but we run individual component testing to ensure proper diagnostics of a failure.


Our Tune-Ups begin by replacing spark plugs, cabin filters, air filters, and oil changes and fix all problems affecting your vehicle’s optimum performance.

Maintenance Service

We have access to almost every manufacturer’s service maintenance schedule, which advisors are trained to search ones specific vehicle maintenance recommendations that are called for by the Dealer.  We can’t stress enough the importance of this to help keep your vehicle running longer.

Suspension Service

Including Shock Absorbers & Strut Assemblies The roads of New York are not great and your car’s suspension is a constant moving component, that wears down quickly.  We offer a LUBE SERVICE, in which the technician greases all major points of the suspension to ensure proper lubrication for better and longer-lasting performance.  We recommend this service at least once a year.

We use brands we use like KYB, Monroe, and Moog, which are industry-leading manufacturers of suspensions.

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

That allows for the Tire Pressure light to alert you of low tire pressure situation.

A/C Service

We service your cars A/C with both r-134a Freon as well as the new r1234-YF System that is being equipped on most new vehicles now.

We use the Snap-On AC machine to detect leaks first prior to recharging the system.  The machine also does a vacuum to ensure each vehicle receives the proper pressure.

Programming and Recalibration

We are equipped and technicians are trained to program and recalibrate most components and computers, from Keys to Engine Computers, and even blind spot and collision warning systems.

Radiator and Cooling System

We service radiators, from flushing the coolant system and putting in new coolant to replacing radiators and fans, which is an important part of a vehicle’s cooling system and heating system.  Also, all our Radiators come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


We use Bosch Batteries – That Come with an industry-leading 3 Year Warranty – Perfect for Fleets and all vehicles.

We recommend coming in to have their batteries checked by a technician, who will check the current charging voltage of the batteries. Batteries require maintenance!

Starters & Alternators

Every Car has 2 Charging systems and each are important for optimal starting power. We know the charging system of a your car.  Your vehicle consumes a lot of power from the radio to lights and heating and AC system, and Alternators help recharge a battery so it has to work right. Let us check it before you get a Check Engine Light.


We Rebuild and Service Transmissions

Our Certified Transmission Technicians work on all vehicles including Hybrids

We Service all Hybrid Vehicles

We Handle Insurance Claims

Blue Star Brothers Auto Repair is insurance-approved and will process all your paperwork, and Insurance Claims.


Blue Star Brothers of Glendale

A Full Service Auto Shop

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